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Our aim is to get the best possible price to you. Where possible we connect the customer and the client directly to each other.
We take NO commissions, ensuring you get the best deals. If you find a better price please let us know.

1,235 Tours and growing

We are constantly putting new tours, accommodation places and exciting things to do up here. Call back regularly and check us out.

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Got a question, call us anytime we are always available.

Keep the money in Australia

Connect with a local and get the “no fake news version” of what’s going on…

Our aim is to keep as much business as we can to a local level. We are giving Australian businesses a much fairer deal. Lets face it why should you as an Australian have your money go over seas to buy an Australian product?

Mylocalshop which bringing tourists, accommodation and local product together.

After all everywhere is local. Lets Keep it here.

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Commision free marketing of your booking button.

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Build off the strength of your community.

Clientshare – working together supporting each other.


Noun – “a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.”

Today a community shares two common interests – tourists and the internet. Mylocalshop is bringing them together one step at a time.

Things to do in FNQ

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