Accommodation with Discreet Rewards

Passive income PLUS client direct bookings! NOW A REALITY

Change is inevitable, it is the essence of what we do.

When change effects our income it becomes very often frustrating and if you ad technological change to your business it can be confusing.

Over the years there has been and increase in the amount of % based advertising models that have crept into the industry. We have watched these changes occur and with them watched the losses in revenue that result to the owners.

Sometime ago we decided to do something about it and we designed Mylocalshop. we now have a platform that connects local area businesses of all sorts together into one easy to use database – from this you can select what products, services, tours, local artworks and many other items and sell them directly through your website.

Anyone who visits your website can purchase these items  / tours etc. and you get a commission on every sale.

What you can do with Mylocalshop.

  • build networks within your community
  • forward book your clients to assist them with their ongoing journey
  • book tours and not have to worry about complicated payment systems
  • set up a preferred list of local people to enhance your clients visit
  • build a regular online income
  • save on booking fees

All this can be tailored to your existing website – with NO CHANGES and it WILL increase your traffic flow. Contacts us for more information

Keep your business local. Support your community

Our Network is your profit.

Find out more contact us on:-
p:- 0402982811

What we do for you.

Change in business can be a two edge sword, on the one side it initially looks fantastic that the exposure is going to happen. For a small time it may, your business shows a glimmer of change but as time passes the dilution effect takes place as more businesses join and you are back out there in the “little fish big pond” scenario.
The other thing that occurs is that the rules of the “once Knights in shining Armour” change.
You are now finding your self in a position of working harder for less reward. Does this sound familiar to you?

What has actually happened is that all you have done is diluted your business more and divided your industry. This is the way these companies increase in size and stature. It is simple, Dived and Conquer.

What we do for you:-

  • unite accommodation together so it becomes a unit of force.
  • DO NOT take commissions of any sort.
  • you get fully advertised price
  • direct connect clients to your site.
  • supply a quality online store to earn a passive no work income.
  • enable you to support your local community
  • We are actually on your side!
  • increase you web presence
  • get more people to your site

Please contact us at anytime, we believe in what we are doing is good for you and for the community.

Support us and we WILL support you.