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Our aim is to support the local Australian and NZ communities by supplying an integrated accommodation and local business platform that is easy to use and effective.

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With all of the changes in the world happening at an ever increasing rate, it makes a lot of sense to start coming together and supporting each other.

Mylocalshop is doing just this. We are a simple to use platform that brings together your social media – Online stores –  menus etc. in a no fuss process.

Time is money

We understand the demands that are placed on small to medium businesses. Our aim is not to add to them but make things easier.

There is no complex sign up process.

Our software takes care of everything.

Enter a few basic details and let us do the rest.

Location is everything

This is very true on the web as it is in real-estate.

This is why we put all local product together so people don’t have to go searching for it.

When you go somewhere for a break you want to be able to find what you need easily and reliably.

Myloclashop – your place to shop.


where ever you are- is local