How we support the community

By taking care of the technical side of the online marketing through our easy to use and highly engineered platform, Mylocalshop enables your local business to reach out to places you never thought possible.

We use a unique client share program that broadens the reach of your online store and services. It then returns direct sales to your bottom line. This is achieved by taking your products and services to the clients who are searching for your products or services and want to use them.

Working along side this we have the COMMISSION FREE booking button that all accommodation outlets have access to. This is no fee booking.


Combining all of this into a tailor made integrated web platform that enables you to earn a passive income and save on commission sales adds up to a big plus for your bottom line.

With the the Mylocalshop platform we are redefining accommodation marketing – we do not take commissions – nor do we have excessively high costs to join. We simply put all of the local businesses in the grasp of the tourist.

Mylocalshop has taken a different approach to Accommodation booking platforms. Conventional systems make your product conform to their standards and then charge you a % for doing it. Rarely does this increase your web presence or traffic to your site and certainly not your most valuable resource, which is your booking page.

Mylocalshop integrates seamlessly into your existing webpage and actually enhances your SEO ranking, increase traffic flow to your booking page and adds value to YOUR bottom line, it is a great approach to a model that has until now resulted in diminished returns.

Combine this with a local shopping & booking platform that enables you to earn a passive income from supporting the local tour operators and businesses that your clients have come to visit, you now have: –

  1. “Commission free” bookings
  2. Passive income stream
  3. Local community support.