About us and what we are doing.

The simple concept of Mylocalshop is to take the three main operatives of the tourist market and combine them onto one platform to deliver to shops, accommodation and tour operators commission free traffic to their websites.

All accommodation places have their own booking button / platform in their own site.
Yet they all receive the majority of their bookings through the major OTA’s (Online Travel Agents).

Most hotels would love to have 100% of their bookings be direct without having to pay commission to anyone.
However its not necessarily the best solution and certainly isn’t the fastest. We find the best balance comes from direct bookings being on par with OTA bookings. 40% direct and 30% OTA.
The remaining 30% come from corporate and phone bookings, return guests and some tour operators.
These figures will differ slightly but this is what our research has shown us to be benificial.
These are not absolutes, but they are a good benchmark for a healthy split Optimising for Direct Bookings In most cases, the problem hotels have isn’t how to increase OTA bookings, but rather how to increase direct bookings.

The classic booking path for a guest: –

  • starts with a search on an OTA.
  • Then they make a shortlist of interesting hotels and check each hotel website for more information.
  • the next step is where you can either win or loose you direct booking. If there is inconsistencies between the website and the OTA then the client tends to return back to the OTA as it is a “bigger fish in the ocean” they feel secure there.

By having a solid comparison (I.E. a listing for them to refer directly to) for all of the independents being able to be represented in a direct connection platform the client feels more secure and can see the options that are available to them in an area.

We are constantly updating our platform to grow and market your booking button to the local market, and local is Australia wide.

There are many ways to optimise your business to increase your bookings directly.

  • There a simple things such as making a “Best rate Guarantee” button on your website,
  • Changing your Wi-Fi password to “book direct” or anything similar.
  • Subtle changes in your environment will incentivise more and more people to use your website for the purpose it is designed to – and that is to market your business.
  • A lot of hotels offer incentives to book direct. Perhaps book direct and receive a little something special from us on arrival (don’t tell them what it is, keep it a surprise). So get creative with your ideas and sign up with us and lets start get your booking button active.

We are the comparison platform for your client.