Mylocalshop activley supports the local community by maximising their online presence.

The cost effective way to penetrate the online market and social media.

Living in a tropical paradise of rare natural beauty where we are visited by people from all of the planet, no-one leaves with out being in some sort of awe of the raw majesty of one of the greatest places on the planet. Tropical North Queensland brings millions of dollars annually into the Australian economy.

The down side is that many more of those dollars simply don’t even get to Australia, let alone our pockets. They are siphoned of by oligopolists that stifle growth and impose unnecessary limits on our capacity to develop.

At Addmedia and Mylocalshop we have used this to fuel our development of a “client share” platform that benefits the whole community and enhances the opportunity for individual development.

Addmedia #1 on google for “local area advertising” is behind the development of Mylocalshop. The purpose of Mylocalshop is to supply a simple, easy to use, and cost effective platform that enables the SME to gain front line presence directly to the client without loosing commissions at every turn. The money exchange is direct to you and the commissions where possible do not leave the area. The result is simple -more money locally- returning a better place to live.

Contact us today to find out how truly affordable this is. Our prices start from $100 p.a.

The Greatest Reef on Earth!